We manufacture custom filling machines and filling machines that can provide the best possible quality and reliability – even in design and execution. Our decades of experience ensure that all our filling machines optimally meet daily needs. Filling bottles, vials, pots, tubes, cans and infusion bags. The machines are intended for semi-automatic or automatic filling, suitable for regular production as well as for start-up companies or for testing individual products.

Bottles, vials, pots, tubes, cans, infusion bags

Other filling machines (semi-automatic or automatic)

Semi automatic

  • FG series: Universal machine for filling liquids and viscous products. Filling range: 3-1200 ml, speed 5-25 cycles / minute.
  • WF series: Peristaltic filling machine for filling liquids. Filling range: 0.5 to 5000 ml, speed 5-25 cycles / minute.
  • PD series: Universal filling machine. Filling range: 1-5000 ml, speed 3-20 cycles / minute.


  • MINICAN series: Feeding jars via conveyor belt, turntable or automatic disassembly, cleaning sterile air containers, coding jars, filling the product, processing the edges of jars, foil and foil cutters, sealing station and much more.
  • DFB-T series: Flexible specialist for glasses, cans and glasses. Filling range: 1-300 ml, speed 65, 120 or 400 containers / minute.
  • MINITUBE / MULTITUBE: Aluminum and / or plastic pipes. Filling range: 1-300 ml, speed 30, 40, 65 or 120 cycles / minute. Equipment: alignment of the tube fed through the slider or cassette, air-cleaned tubes, product-specific filling, sealing, coding station, compression of the edges of the tubes, data interface and much more.
  • FMS-T VR-Mp series: Specialized unit for filling and closing bottles. Filling range: 1-1000 ml, speed 20, 40 and 60 bottles / minute.
  • BTA series: Sealing and filling bags, infusion bottles and vials. Filling range: 1-3 000 ml, speed 500, 900, 1500 or 3000 bags / hour.
  • SPF-110 series: Machine for fully automated filling and closing of syringes, speed 10, 25, 40 or 60 syringes / minute.

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