The field of nutrition represents an elementary sector in the functioning of humanity. Together with our partners, we want to offer information and findings on the development of packaging, packaging and handling of products to the final consumer.

The main emphasis is on the pacaging of powdered products and coffee, the packaging of snacks, the packaging of dairy and meat products, dough, confectionery, frozen packaged food, the filling of liquids and pasty media, and the welding of safety caps and sealing of products.

We offer advice on the selection of appropriate materials and the supply of flexible packaging and bags printed in various printing technologies: digital printing, flexographic printing and gravure printing.


Cooperation with the largest companies in the region and galenic laboratories enables us to consolidate new development guidelines, new approaches and technical requirements in the field of packaging. With our partners, we ensure the highest required level of operation according to GMP standards.

The requirements set in the field of pharmacy are also a reference for us in other sectors. Because we manage to work successfully with partners in the field of pharmacy, we manage to share success and knowledge with others.

The packaging is intended for the packaging of powder and liquid products, and the hardware for the packaging of liquid media.


We pay special attention to the development of appropriate equipment for the optimal operation of dosing systems, adding plugs, closing and welding of safety seals. Safety seals protect products from contamination and offer additional protection during the sale, while offering the possibility of additional marketing presentation of products.

Possibility of supplying both semi-automatic machines for the production of small quantities, as well as fully automated lines for the automation of the entire production process.


We work mainly in the field of consulting in the selection and supply of appropriate packaging and hardware, and at the same time consulting in the field of selection of equipment and packaging for filling pesticides or herbicides, liquids, etc. in a dose. Safety seals offer additional protection to products that can be packed in different packaging.

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