We find individual solutions for all your requirements. We offer a wide range of devices – from manual and semi-automatic sealing devices to fully automatic filling, sealing and closing systems, which offer you a user-friendly structure and easy operation.

Manual sealing machines

Hand-held sealing machines offer you a cost-effective start to sealing technology for a wide range of applications. Hand-held devices, especially suitable for closing plastic containers, allow sealing up to 500 pieces per hour.

  • Polymat HD III – Polymat HD III is specially designed to close bulk containers and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).
  • Polynette III – Input and laboratory device for plastic containers of all kinds.
  • PolySeal Mano – A device for effectively closing small batches.

Sealing devices are also available as built-in devices for existing production lines. For sealing particularly demanding containers, e.g. made of metal or ceramic, we offer equipment with contact induction.

Semi automatic sealing machines

They offer reliable and user-friendly sealing of plastic and glass containers with a capacity of about 600 – 700 pieces per hour. While the containers still need to be installed manually on the device, sealing takes place automatically. The sealing parameters (pressure, temperature and sealing time) can be conveniently programmed on a digital controller, which ensures optimal process reliability.

  • PolyCos PN III – is designed to close cosmetic products and securely closes plastic and glass jars.
  • PolySeal Vario PN – Pneumatic high-performance sealing device with particularly high contact pressure, ideal for sealing glass containers. In addition, it is also suitable for closing plastic containers and can be modularly extended to the PolySeal Vario Twin.
  • PolySeal Vario Twin – offers maximum comfort: sealing is not only done automatically, but the seals are also applied automatically and accurately.

Automatic sealing machines

From a clean seal to a complete solution with filling, sealing and closing – we offer you high-performance systems to automate your packaging processes.

  • BaCo1800 – Our best-selling fully automatic sealing system seals plastic, metal and glass containers with a capacity of up to 30 pieces per minute.
  • BaCo2400 – Build your own custom device! With the BaCo2400 you can combine the filling, sealing and screwing functions to your liking. The machine achieves a sealing capacity of up to 40 pieces per minute.
  • BaCo2500 Variospeed – This device is convincing! BaCo2500 fills and seals plastic, metal or glass containers. The capacity of the machine is free to choose between three variants of capacity: 2500 pieces per hour, 3000 pieces per hour or 3500 pieces per hour.
  • BaCo3600 – A quick solution for your packaging line. Filling, sealing and screwing in one system with a capacity of up to 60 pieces per minute.

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